How to change mobile font? Learn Whatsapp writing style how can be changed


WhatsApp has grown to be among the most widely used messaging programmes on the planet. The chat application is the most popular way to engage with friends, colleagues, and perhaps even send content over each other and, with over 1.5 billion users and growing.

Based on the scale of your phone’s screen, you might want a larger or smaller font size in WhatsApp. If you’re using a tablet, you should absolutely increase the font size of WhatsApp texts for greater visibility.

WhatsApp is available in a variety of fonts and styles. WhatsApp, like other apps, allows you to modify the font type of the text that appears in the app. This applies not only to text messages, but also to the app itself and all of the data included within it. It could be accomplished simply altering the font style on your smartphone.

Users are attempting to make the most out of WhatsApp, the finest instant messaging software. Changing the font style and size of WhatsApp is one of the options you might just want to employ. So, here’s a post that will show you how to modify the font size and style of WhatsApp on Android and iOS smartphones.

Just you have to do is complete a few easy steps to alter the font of the WhatsApp programme and get the intended results. We’ll go through each of these processes in depth in this blog.

How to change the font style

Step 1: Access settings: You’ll need to open the settings tool on your Android smartphone because you’ll need to alter the font on your cell phone to adjust the font style of your WhatsApp.

The gear icon, which is common on all Android-based phones, can be used to identify it. To access it, tap it once.

Step 2 – Tap on display and brightness: After you’ve opened the settings app, check for the display and brightness options. It may appear as the display settings option on some phones.

Based on the smart phone you’re using, you may have to search the settings menu for this option by going through the various options. Once click on it.

Step 3 – Select the font style: Once you’ve navigated to the display settings menu, check for the font style selection. You may have to browse and explore through a few possibilities to discover this one, much like the last one.

It’ll usually appear next to the font size choice, which might let you change the font size on your device. Once you’ve selected this option, tap it again.

Step 4 – Choose your typeface, and your WhatsApp font will be instantly changed: After you’ve selected a font style, the selections for various fonts will appear on your smartphone screen. The default font will be the one that appears to be picked already. You can choose whatever font you want from the provided selection. Scroll through the list and tap on the one you want. On some devices, there may be an additional stage where you must click ok or choose to confirm this step.

Font change in iOS devices

On WhatsApp, unlike Android, there is no option to modify the font size in the app. However, iPhone/iPad users will not be unhappy because the iOS feature to change text size comes in helpful for this.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Select Display & Brightness from the drop-down menu.
  3. Display & Brightness (Settings > Display & Brightness)
  4. After that, choose Text Size.
  5. You may modify the font size by dragging the slider under text size.

The font size will be updated the next time you enter a WhatsApp discussion

Setting the font on your cell phone will ensure that the font on your Android smartphone is modified to match your preferences. As a result, the same modification will be made to the WhatsApp application on your device. You can verify your WhatsApp and the texts that have been sent over it after you have done all of the steps listed above.

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