Whatsapp Hidden Features: You May Not Know These Secret Features Of WhatsApp


WhatsApp was born in 2009 and is now the world’s most instant messaging service. Over the years, a Facebook-based platform has emerged to integrate multiple tools to connect millions of its users worldwide.

Some Hidden WhatsApp Activities:-

Change the text format in WhatsApp

You can add a different purpose to your messages in bold, italics, or transcendent. You must add a few letters before and after the text: * bold *, _cursive_ and ~ crossed out ~.

Instant messaging

These “harmful” messages work to protect important information as they disappear after a while. To use this function, one new in the app, must:

Touch the contact’s name in the chat

Select the message option

Open the Instant Messaging switch.

Highlight messages

Do you want to leave a message nearby and not get lost in the chat room? With the “Highlight messages” function, you can start it by clicking on it and leaving it as a favorite to find it.

How do you know when a message was read?

Need to know when your message was read? All you have to do is press it and slide your left finger. You can also select an info option from the three-dot menu. In both cases, you will see when the message was sent, received, and read.

Do not store photos and videos

If you are tired of the memory of your mobile phone full of pictures and videos they send you, you can prevent them from being automatically downloaded to WhatsApp. You must go to the App Settings menu and select Conversations. There, you should disable the Multimedia File Visibility option.

Discard your last WhatsApp connection

If you do not want people to know when you last connected, WhatsApp gives you the option to turn off this information. You should therefore open the Settings menu, select Account, and then Privacy to turn off Recognition. You can also select from all contacts or select a few. Remember it is always good to have at least one contact who knows when your last contact was for security reasons.

Mark the conversation as “unread”

If you do not want to forget to reply to someone, you should click on the chat for a few seconds and select the “Mark as unread” option.

Know who your favorite contact is

With this tool, you will be able to know which contacts you are most in contact with. It also allows you to manage your internal storage. You just have to enter Settings, then Save the data and finally use Storage.

Listen to the audios before sending them

If you are not comfortable with your voice, you can review the audio before sending it. This trick is accessible when you start recording audio and if you want to stop it, immediately exit the app while pressing the record button. When you re-enter the conversation, you will see that sound is saved and that you can listen to, send, or delete it.

Personal notices

This is a great option to know exactly who is sending you WhatsApp messages because of your tone. All you have to do is go to the conversation in question, click on its name and look for the “Personal tone” option and select the one you like best.

Custom background

And one correction fee for each conversation. It can be with a special image or with those installed WhatsApp in dark or light mode.

To do this, simply go to the Settings menu, then go to Conversations and select the Wallpaper option. Here you will find all the images available and you can adjust the brightness of your screen.

Become a WhatsApp beta tester

You may be interested in becoming a beta tester to be one of the first to test new features released by the app. You must click the link and follow all instructions.

Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks

If you wish to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing, there are a few ways you can do that.

You can disable green ticks completely (Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> uncheck Read Receipts), but you will not be able to see if others have read your message.

You can read the message in the notifications panel. To read more or longer messages just tap and swipe down the notification in the notifications panel to expand it. This is very appropriate as a temporary measure because, in the end, you will have to give good notice.

Alternatively, simply turn on AirPlane mode, read the message and turn off AirPlane mode. This way, you can read a specific message without disabling read receipts and without the sender knowing.

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

There is a way to read the messages your friends deleted from their end. Just download the notification record app and grant access to read the notification. This app will keep a record of all incoming notifications and will work fine if you wish to retrieve a notification you swiped by mistake.

Automatically reply to WhatsApp messages

If you are using WhatsApp for professional reasons and wish to add a default reply message to WhatsApp conversations, there are a few apps you can use to achieve that. One app that you can try to Automatically Respond to WhatsApp.

Edit WhatsApp messages

To edit WhatsApp messages for groups or individual contacts, you can download the WhatsApp Scheduler app. After granting access, you can fill in the required fields and edit your message.

Share Live Location (Real Time)

You can now share live locations with your contacts. Location is updated in real-time and you can keep a tab on the whereabouts of certain contacts. You can share the location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 straight hours.

To do so, simply tap the attachment icon in the text input field.

Now select ‘Location’ and select ‘Share Live Location.

Reduce the data used by WhatsApp

To limit the data used by the application, this is what you need to do.

Go to Settings >> Data Usage and Storage

From here you can decide which media (Photos, videos, documents, audio) the app can download while eating your data.

Give different highlights and sounds to different notifications

WhatsApp has added support for ‘notification channels’, a feature of Android Oreo that can be used to set importance for different types of notifications from the same app.

Therefore, you can decide if you need group messages to appear or not. You can also give them an important level to determine how often they come to the notifications panel. To use this feature, you will need Android Oreo support. If you are using Android Oreo, just go to the app details page (you can also do this by long-pressing app notifications) and select the notification management option.

You can also assign different sounds to different types of notifications from here.

Pin chat or create shortcuts

If you wish to keep a particular contact or conversation up. You can simply long-press a conversation and select the Pin icon in the options menu from the top. You can also press the three dots menu and choose to create a shortcut option to place the save shortcut on the main page.

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