How to hide apps on iphone ?

How to hide apps on iphone

If your home screen is unstable and difficult to navigate, learn to hide apps on the iPhone so that the ones you don’t use often get out of the way.

There’s nothing more annoying than having a crowded, dirty home screen on your iPhone. If you want to edit your home screen or hide a few embarrassing apps that you don’t want people to see, you can use the great iOS feature that removes apps from view without permanently deleting them. Here’s how to hide apps on the iPhone – it’s one of the most important iPhone tips that will make your life easier. To get another iPhone hack, check out how to install apps on iPhone as well.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone (2022 Update)

How to hide apps on iPhone

Whether you want to undo a dating app or game that is too old to play, the process of how to hide apps on an iPhone is simple. Take the steps below to remove apps from your home screen without uninstalling or uninstalling them. If your apps take up a lot of space, here’s how to free up storage on your smartphone.

  • First, create a folder by tapping and holding the app and then dragging it onto another application. Once you see that the folder has been created, you can uninstall the app. You can add as many apps to the folder as you like. The folder will be automatically named with your phone, but you can change this by clicking on the text above the folder after you have created it.
  • Now, drag the application you want to hide from the folder you just created. Tap and hold an application to drag it to a new folder, just as you did in the last step to create a folder.
  • If you want to hide more than one app, drag any other to the folder again.
  • Next, open the folder, then tap and hold the app you want to hide. While keeping your finger on it, drag it to the right of the folder. A new folder page will be created, and your application will migrate to it. Stop the app to make it stay on the second page of the folder.
  • Repeat step 4 for all the applications you want hidden. As you create more pages in your folder, you will see more dots appearing at the bottom of the screen. Those dots show how many pages are in your folder, and you can swipe right or left to navigate between them.
  • Then, when you return to your home screen, only the apps on the first page of the folder will be visible.
All Solutions] How to Hide Apps on iPhone and Make Them Invisible

How to hide apps with the latest iOS 14 update

Apple’s latest software takes taking apps one step further, allowing you to hide all the app’s pages to get a simple and clean interface for the iPhone.

  • Tap and hold (or long press) the blank area of ​​your screen.
  • When the widgets start to move, tap the dot icon of the app page at the bottom of the screen. All pages of your app will appear on your screen.
  • Click the tagged circle at the bottom of the app page you want to hide, so it doesn’t get checked.
  • Tap Done in the top right corner to save your changes.
  • Now, the app page will not appear when you swipe the pages on your home screen — and officially know how to hide apps on the iPhone. If you change your mind at any time, you can undo this feature by repeating the steps above and checking the hidden app page. You can also move apps to a folder or rearrange their order to your liking.

Hiding apps is not the only way to keep your smartphone’s content away from eye contact. Here’s how to lock apps on iPhone and what you need to know about WhatsApp security.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone

How to Hide Apps on iPhone Without Deleting Them

Want to find and open a hidden app on your iPhone? It’s easy to search for any app — even apps stored in a folder or App Library — by following the instructions below.

  • Go to your iPhone’s home screen and swipe left to open the Search feature. In the search bar, type the name of the application. When an app icon appears, tap to open it.
  • Alternatively, you can ask Siri to open the app for you. Just press and hold the Side button to turn on the Siri voice command function, then say “Open [app name].” Siri will find and open the app for you.
  • If you can’t find a hidden app by searching for it quickly, App Library can help you. Swipe left from your home screen until you see the App Library page. From there, you can type the app name into the search bar or go to the section that is part of it.
  • Now that you know how to hide apps on the iPhone, learn to hide messages on the iPhone and view (and delete) your iPhone call history, so that your conversations will also remain private.

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