How to Use Instagram for Business

How to Use Instagram for Business

According to an Ipsos survey that was commissioned by Meta, Instagram is the best media platform for establishing connections with brands. And fifty percent of Instagram users feel the app makes it easier to find new brands. 44% of customers utilize the platform weekly to shop, which is even better for brands.

Those potential new clients might never discover your goods or services if you aren’t using Instagram for business objectives.

Here’s how to develop your business in 2023 with Instagram.

Change your account to a business one

To turn an Instagram account into a business account, you must first create one. It also works if you wish to convert an existing personal or creator account. Anyone can do it for free.

You are allowed to have up to five Instagram profiles, so if you’d rather keep your account private, feel free to do so.

  • Tap the hamburger (three lines) menu symbol in the top-right corner of your profile to access it.
  • Choose Settings. Switch to the professional account may appear on this menu for some accounts. In such a case, tap it. Instead, select Switch to professional account under Account.
  • Hit “Continue” (you may need to tap it multiple times as Instagram previews the available features of a professional account).
  • Choose a Category, decide whether to display it on your profile using the slider, and then press Done.
  • If choosing Creator makes more sense for you, select Business and hit Next.
  • To opt in or out of receiving promotional emails from Instagram for business accounts, use the slider, then hit Next.

Add or modify any necessary contact information, then select whether you want your contact information to be visible on your profile using the slider, then tap Next (or select Don’t use my contact info to avoid this step).

Follow the instructions to link your account to your Facebook Page if you intend to link your Instagram business account with a Facebook business page. Although it is technically optional, doing this is required if you want to use Instagram’s shopping services or run Instagram advertisements.

To close this window and go back to your profile, click the X in the upper left corner.

Include a business section in your bio.

Your Instagram bio should sum up your company in 150 characters or less and highlight your brand language. Here’s a small video to walk you through the fundamentals before you read our comprehensive guide to writing an effective Instagram bio for the company (including templates):

Make the most of the following other features of your Instagram business profile:

  • Most companies use their logo as their profile photo. The size you should upload is 320 x 320 since your profile photo is saved at that resolution but appears on the site cropped to a circle of 110 x 110 pixels.
  • URL in bio Provide a link to your website, most recent blog post, active campaign, or link tree.
  • Contact information: You may edit your profile at any time by choosing Edit profile if you didn’t enter your contact information when you created your account. The Contact button will subsequently be added to your profile on Instagram.
  • Action buttons: If appropriate, provide a button that enables clients to make reservations for appointments or place food orders. You must have an account with one of Instagram’s partners to utilize this feature. Click Edit Profile, then navigate to Action Buttons at the bottom.
  • Summary and coverage of the story: Instagram Story highlights are a different method to make the most of the space on your profile by giving extra details about your business or your goods. Create saved collections for your Stories, then use Highlight covers to give them some gloss.

Sync up your product database

You need to develop a product catalog to tag products in Instagram posts and run specific types of Instagram advertisements. The Commerce Manager in Meta allows you to achieve this.

  • Go to Commerce Manager, select Build a catalog, and then click Get Started once more.
  • Then click Next after selecting Ecommerce.
  • To construct your catalog if you have a store on an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Big Commerce, click Link a partner platform. If not, select Upload Product Info, give your catalog a name, and select Next.
  • To view your catalog, click View catalog, and then click Add Items to begin adding products.

Set Instagram shopping to on

  • When your product library is filled, it’s time to activate Instagram’s shopping functionality.
  • Tap the hamburger (three lines) menu symbol in the top-right corner of your profile to access it.
  • To set up a shop, select Settings, Business, and then Shop.
  • To submit your shop for review, select Get started and follow the on-screen directions.
  • Waiting for a response. Go to Settings > Business >Shopping at any time to check the status of your store.
  • Go to Settings > Business >Shopping after your shop has been approved, choose your product catalog, and then touch Done.

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