How to use Whatsapp in your business

How to use Whatsapp in your business

How to utilize WhatsApp in the workplace

There is still a tonne of benefit in utilizing WhatsApp for your business, even though only 4% of American WhatsApp users downloaded the app tremendous follow brands or companies.

WhatsApp Business offers unique solutions that can help you interact with your clients and was created with the owner of a small business in mind.

You need a WhatsApp Business account to get started. Please follow these easy, step-by-step steps if you don’t already have one.

Launch the WhatsApp Business app after downloading it: 

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market provide a free download of the WhatsApp Business app. At the top of your home screen, tap the WhatsApp Business symbol.

  • Read the Terms of Service carefully. After reading the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service, press Agree and Proceed to confirm your agreement.
  • Sign up: After adding your country code by selecting it from the drop-down menu, type your phone number in international phone number format. To get your 6-digit registration code through SMS or phone call, touch Done or Next, then tap Alright. Your 6-digit code must be entered to complete registration. This post will teach you how to register your phone number.
  • Permit access to contacts and photos: Contacts from your phone’s address book can be added to the WhatsApp Business app. Access to the images, movies and files on your phone is also possible.
  • Establish an account by entering your company name, choosing a business category, and selecting a profile photo.
  • Create a company profile: Choose Company profile under EXPLORE. Important business details like your company’s address, description, operating hours, and more can be added here.
  • Start a chat. 

Your company profile has been created. To find or choose a contact for the message, tap or. Type your message in the text box. Next, tap or.

Learn about WhatsApp’s business tools.

You can manage your business effectively with the help of several tools in the WhatsApp Business app. Go to your conversations screen to learn more about these features. On Android, select More Options; on iPhone, select Settings. Next, select Business tools.

Catalog: Under your business account, showcase and distribute your goods and services. Find out how to make a catalog on an iPhone or an Android.

Make it simple for potential customers to contact you. Provide new clients with the auto-generated short link so they may contact your company. How to use short links on your iPhone or Android device.

Messaging resources Create important discussions in preparation by using WhatsApp messaging templates. To interact with new clients, create automatic welcoming messages. Send away messages to inform clients of your absence or create short responses to address the most often-asked concerns. See the following articles for further details about messaging tools:

How to use greetings on an iPhone or an Android

  • using away messages on an iPhone or an Android
  • How to use rapid responses on an iPhone or an Android


Arrange the conversations you have with clients into useful groups, such as “New clients” or “Pending orders.” How to utilize labels on your iPhone or Android device.

Excellent WhatsApp business uses

So, why should a business owner utilize WhatsApp? These 4 areas are where the app could be useful to you.

Boost your level of client service

You may improve the effectiveness and intimacy of your social media customer care by setting up a WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business provides several capabilities that you can use in addition to being a channel for direct messaging to improve interactions with clients:

Rapid responses. 

Create shortcuts and save responses to frequently asked questions as templates. You’ll be able to reclaim the time you would have spent typing out the responses to repetitive queries. Also, your clients will receive quicker responses to their queries.


Users and messages can be categorized and organized using labels. This will enable you to prioritize messages and identify repeat consumers. Use pre-programmed labels or develop fresh ones that are appropriate for your company.

Welcome messages and away messages. 

Create these automatic messages in advance to ensure that your consumer receives a response right away, even if you are unable to. If a customer contacts you after business hours, this is a wonderful approach to set expectations for response times. Also, WhatsApp Business makes it simple and economical to communicate with customers abroad.

Display your goods in a catalog.

The catalog feature of WhatsApp Business might be compared to a mobile storefront. Customers can browse your products without leaving the app thanks to this feature. This tool can be used to draw attention to new items, seasonal collections, or bestsellers.

These are some important details regarding the catalog:

  • A maximum of 500 goods or services may be uploaded.
  • A title, price, description, product code, and link to the item on your website can all be included for each good or service.
  • Every item has a picture.
  • Links from the catalog can be shared in WhatsApp conversations.

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