9 Best sites to buy electronic products in 2022

9 Best sites to buy electronic products in 2022

Online shopping has a huge market. Initially, you had two e-commerce sites in India – Flipkart, and eBay but now you have other reputable e-commerce stores with thousands of products available at deep discounts.

You do not need to wander around the market to buy something right now. You can easily check the product online and get delivered to your door. Ecommerce hackers like Amazon have a well-established courier service to download a refund and get a quick refund once your return is received.

If you are looking for the best online e-shopping sites in India, We have selected a list of the 9 best e-commerce online shopping sites in India to inform you about the best e-commerce stores.

Best Electronic Shopping Malls in India 2022


Amazon is a global domain and the largest e-commerce website that offers a wide range of products from a variety of retailers. The site provides a complete description of all product features, including price and discounted price. You can even return the products if you are not satisfied with them, they send their people to pick up the product.

Everything is available at the door for all types of payment methods from card payment to cash when delivering or electronic cash upon delivery of the service. The refund policy is quick and easy. You can also read reviews from different types of people who have purchased the product. They also provide a setup service, if you order a TV and they will provide a setup service.

What we liked:

A large variety of products

Excellent delivery service.

What can be improved:

Sometimes counterfeit products are shipped.


Flipkart dominates the electronics market in India, with all kinds of electronics available from different retailers, this gives you a low price for the same product for different retailers. You can check Flipkart to purchase products such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, or other electrical gadgets. You can easily restore the product without suffering.

You get a variety of products with descriptions and reviews from customers. They provide delivery times and deals to their customers. Good delivery service, they say about the time, date, and delivery date.

What we liked:

Good variety

It is easy to restore a policy

What can be improved:

Customer service is not very good.


Snap Deals have good prices on all their products and great deals every day. They brought in about 6000 places. The interface is easy to use.

You can easily find your favorite model and choose the model you want. They have competitive prices compared to other large sites. The package is divine and there is a refund policy if you find out that a product is damaged or something. You can easily get a refund for all your refunds.

What we liked:

Provides competitive prices

Deals for the whole year

What can be improved:

Sometimes it sends a damaged piece


All the best and most luxurious brands from around the world are available here. They provide a detailed description of each product and reviews from customers. They sell high-quality products with careful and proper packaging. Delivery is very easy, at your door. The service is fast and easy. You can easily browse the site without any hassle.

What we liked:

Various products.

What can be improved

High price

Not much variety


Formerly known as eBay, this site has good deals with a variety of products. You can find many local and international brands here. There is also an option to get something extra if you want. Simple and flexible payment methods. You get great offers during festivals and season changes. They also provide you with certified renewable products if you want something but at a lower cost.

What we liked:

Option to purchase a separate product at a lower price

What can be improved:

Refunds take a lot of time as well

The visual connector is not updated.


It is one of the largest and most competitive of all. They have a good packaging system and an effective delivery system. People love the quality of products from different retailers. You can get up to 70 percent off on some of the items.

What we liked:

You can find great deals and sales from time to time

What can be improved:

Does not have a fast response service.

Digital Reliance

These have a good variety of products and occasional sales of all products. These have certified electronic and appropriate reviews for each product by customers. They have products with a price below the store price. You can also inquire about expired products and when they will be returned. The service is excellent with credit card payment and the E-cod option. They have a range of offers ranging from 10-70 percent where you will find your favorite products at a low price.

What we liked:

All top brands are available.

What can be improved:

The product description is not very good.


Croma has a portable and online store, you can find or collect your product in a portable store if you are not available on the website. They have all kinds of home appliances, gadgets, cell phones, laptops, and all kinds of electronic devices. You get a good offer during the festivities. They have a simple payment and refund system. They have a fast response service team.

What we liked:

All payment methods are accepted

Good variety of products

What can be improved:

Do not bring it everywhere


Paytm Mall has a variety of great products and great deals throughout the year. There are special benefits for people who pay with Paytm. You can also make bank transfers, credit card payments. They have almost all the products from India and abroad. The description of each product is well written and you visit the product company’s website to check the product’s suitability. You can also easily track your package.

What we liked:

Variety of cashback

Easy-to-use customer service

What can be improved:

Packing is not good

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