Air Cooler Buying Guide – Tips to help you choose the right air cooler

Air Cooler Buying Guide - Tips to help you choose the right air cooler

Overview of Air Cooler Beware, outdoor revelers! It is time to retreat into your cozy cocoons shaped in the form of lush air-conditioned rooms now that the sweltering summers have arrived. Unless, of course, something needs to be corrected or work needs to be done immediately (P.S- pun intended). Don’t we all detest it when, as we take a morning stroll down the street, the summer sun beats down on our faces and everything appears to be a mirage?

To put it mildly, the combination of a little humidity and the heat makes conditions intolerable.

Air Cooler Buying Guide: How To Choose A Right Cooler For Your Home | Most  Searched Products - Times of India

No one will ever be able to relax in peace, ever, thanks to the summer sun’s symptomatic circumstances of parched throats, sweating robes, flare tempers, dehydration, and irritability episodes. Our daily lives are already feeling the effects of the sweltering summers, as even completing small errands outside seems like an impossible effort.

The grimace becomes REAL when you add in the pitiful whining over the steadily growing air conditioner expenses. Air Coolers can be employed as clever solutions to handle the outrage that is having to pay exorbitant costs among many other things, allowing you to wish away all your complaints about these merciless summer months.

Even though evaporative air cooling systems use a traditional technique to lower air temperature, overall they are a cost- and energy-efficient option. They work based on the scientific idea that as water turns from a liquid state to a gaseous state, it absorbs heat energy from the surroundings, thereby cooling the space.

How to choose the right Air Cooler - Air Cooler Buying Guide | Orient  Electric Blog

List of Important Factors to Take into Account Before Choosing the Best Air Cooler This Summer

Look carefully at the information you should consider before purchasing air coolers to combat these summers head-on. I’ll start now:


Evaporative/desert coolers or portable coolers are both options, depending on the local climate where you live. For cooling indoor spaces, evaporative cooling is a godsend, especially in warm weather. However, your local climate has a direct impact. Therefore, knowing how evaporative air coolers work will help you choose the best cooling solution for your surroundings.

The quantity of hot, dry air that is typically present in desert regions or other locations with little humidity is the key to using an evaporative cooler to properly chill your home. Desert air coolers are sufficient to cool a huge space, such as a hall. They consume more water, space, and power yet offer superior cooling. 


Consider the specifications of the model you have your eye on carefully before making a purchasing decision. When shopping for room air coolers, you should keep in mind the aspects listed below.

Pad thickness

For optimum performance, cooler pads should have a thickness of roughly 90 mm. Remember that for properly cooled air, pad thickness is crucial.


If the cooler includes choices for controlling speed, it is always possible. You may pick up a variable speed cooler that allows you to regulate the fan speed and bring it home. Always go for air coolers that produce less noise and a better cooling effect.

Air Cooler Buying Guide: How To Choose A Right Cooler For Your Home | Most  Searched Products - Times of India

Water Level Control Device

An automatic water level controller that can keep the water in the cooler at pre-set levels and stop it from seeping out is a requirement for any cooler you are considering.

Shutoff dampeners 

Shutoff dampeners are flaps in the fans’ discharge that lessen the cooler’s cooling loss. Additionally, they can be found in the duct that opens when the fan turns on and closes when it is turned off.

Remote control: This add-on provides a hands-on experience for a simple and practical way of operation. With remote control, you may also adjust the fan’s speed to suit your preferences.

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Operating Costs

The efficiency of evaporative air coolers varies greatly. After more than a year, the running costs of various models vary greatly from one another. It is advised that you choose evaporative air coolers with an inverter since they may be able to do away with the lengthy and expensive “start-halt-start-stop” processes of earlier systems, leading to significantly lower energy consumption and cost savings.

You can buy your preferred Window air cooler, desert air cooler, or room air cooler online for industrial as well as household use from top-tier brands like Sahara, Usha, Vego, and Symphony, to name a few, now that you are aware of the ins and outs of selecting the proper air coolers to beat the summer heat.

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Advantages of Air Coolers

Energy Efficient – An air cooler typically uses up to ten times less energy than a traditional air conditioner, which promises to significantly lower consumers’ electricity expenses. Today’s air coolers may additionally use inverter technology, which significantly lowers energy usage. When compared to standard air coolers, Orient Electric’s inverter air coolers, which use ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology, can save up to 50% on energy and electricity costs.

The electronic commutated motor of inverter air coolers has the additional benefit of producing much less noise, which makes working and participating in video calls easier and more enjoyable.

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