The 12 Best Christmas Lights for Holiday Decorating

The 12 Best Christmas Lights for Holiday Decorating

LED Christmas Lights;center,top&resize=480:*

The colors of LED Christmas lights may be too pale for some.

This is the ideal Christmas light kit for anyone who enjoys changing up their lighting display throughout the holiday season. The 66-foot light string contains 200 lights and 11 illumination settings that use colorful and warm white LEDs, and it is controllable with four brightness levels.

The warm white is a good color—not too yellow—and the colored LEDs are, as described, on the pastel side. There is a built-in timer that can be set for various duration intervals, and up to three sets can be connected end-to-end. While the lights can be used outside (they have an IP44 classification), the plug and transformer/control box must be kept dry. 

Christmas Fairy Twinkle Lights;center,top&resize=480:*

What we appreciate best about LED Christmas lights is their no-hassle reliability in comparison to incandescent light sets—and this big, 115-foot strand of 320 color LEDs provides plenty of coverage. We found the colors to be bright and reminiscent of typical incandescent tiny lights during testing. They have eight lighting settings that you can cycle through using a button on the plug (no remote), as well as waterproof connectors that allow you to rope up to five sets together. As a result, they are suitable for outdoor lighting displays.

Christmas Lights with LEDs (Pack of 2);center,top&resize=480:*

Yuletime’s Christmas lights are available in warm and cool white, with two sets of 100 lights strung on a 33-foot-long cable. Warm white LEDs emit an amber glow, which we believe is slightly more yellow than standard incandescent lights. The cool white lights have a bluish glow to them, which may come as a surprise if you aren’t expecting it. Because their housing is similar to that of standard incandescent tiny lights, there is a chance of intermittent contact and lights flickering over time. Remember that these lights are always on, with no blinking mode.

Icicle Christmas Lights with 2 Functions;center,top&resize=480:*

These icicle lights come in both warm and cool white colors and include a remote for simply changing your display. The 29.5-foot strand has 360 LEDs and 60 icicle drops, as well as four brightness settings, nine lighting modes, and a memory function that instantly switches lights back to the previous mode. Other features include an integrated timer and end-to-end connectivity for up to three strands, as well as an IP44 waterproof classification.

Christmas Lights from a Meteor Shower;center,top&resize=480:*

If you want to enhance your holiday lighting game this year, these Christmas lights might do the trick. They look fantastic hanging from tree branches or along the bottom edge of a roof, and while they’re intended for outdoor use, there’s no reason they can’t be used indoors as well. We discovered that the lights function exactly as described, with the LEDs in each tube illuminating in a downward sequence and each tube beginning at random intervals. Because the pure white LEDs are double-sided, they may be seen from any angle. The strand is 10.5 feet long and made up of eight tubes that are each 12 inches long. You can connect up to five sets with waterproof connectors, but keep in mind that the plug is not watertight.

Christmas Lights Made of Ceramic;center,top&resize=480:*

These vintage-style bulbs, which are designed for indoor/outdoor use, offer a traditional Christmas appeal. The light strand measures 25 feet long and contains 27 screw-in incandescent glass bulbs in five different colors. The sockets have clips sculpted into them to aid in hanging and orienting the lights. We haven’t used this type of light in a long time, and we forgot how much heat it produces. Additionally, frequently turning them on and off might cause the bulbs to loosen. The set includes two spare bulbs, which you will most likely require because the bulbs can easily break on hard surfaces.

Christmas Lights in Mini Size;center,top&resize=480:*

If you enjoy the traditional, warm glow of white incandescent Christmas lights, these are for you. The set consists of a string of 100 lights with a total length of around 21 feet, and up to five sets can be linked together. The lights are designed to stay light out of the box, but you can attach the accompanying blinker bulbs and set the strand to blink as well.

We tried the lights in both steady-on and blinking modes and found that they worked well. We discovered that kinks in the wire had a significant memory when we first unwound the light strings. They were easier to manage once we stretched them out tight several times.

Christmas Lights in Miniature;center,top&resize=480:*

Sylvania’s incandescent multicolor tiny lights look exactly like the Christmas lights you remember. This box has two 150-bulb sets that can be connected end-to-end. We had no problems using the lights in both steady-on and blinking modes. As with Sylvania’s clear micro lights, parts of light may go out over time unless you twist the right bulb.

BEST Net LIGHTS;center,top&resize=480:*

If you’ve ever been frustrated (or exhausted) by wrapping strands of Christmas lights around bushes or tree trunks, mesh net lights can spare you the trouble this holiday season. They’re made specifically for bushes, hedges, and fences, and this set is available in warm white, cool white, and the multicolor set displayed, as well as other colors.

Luminous Christmas Lights;center,top&resize=480:*

Christmas lights strung on a white wire are your best bet for blending in with white molding and panes if framing windows and entrances is part of your holiday decorating strategy. This dimmable set of 100 clear white incandescent lights can be connected end-to-end for up to five sets. There are two flasher bulbs included to set your strands to blinking mode, and the set is available in a two-pack if you need to cover additional ground.

Prextex Multi Color Green Wire Christmas Lights, 100-Count

Nothing creates a joyful atmosphere like a Christmas tree decked out in sparkling multi-colored lights. For their warm incandescence and varied hues, we determined the Prextex multi-color Christmas lights to be the best Christmas lights in their category. A few strings of Prextex lights, with an end-to-end connector that can power up to six sets, are an inexpensive way to light up your entire Christmas den or coat the eaves of a multi-story farmhouse. Each string has 100 lights strung together on a 20-foot-long cable. They’ll look great against Christmas trees and greenery thanks to the classic green cord. They are also weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Fairy Lights Manufacturing Company String Lights Olivia

Fairy Lights Factory, based in Larchmont, New York, creates unique illumination using multi-colored cotton balls attached to Christmas lights. The brand’s several pre-designed sets are suitable for any season or aesthetic, not simply Christmas. Over 30 pre-designed lighting sets are available on the Fairy Lights Factory website, as well as a build-your-own service that allows you to construct your color schemes. 

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