The 10 Best Flashlights for Everyday Use

The 10 Best Flashlights for Everyday Use

Flashlight Fenix PD36R

Image of black Fenix PD36R Flashlight with a forest background.

Because of its high performance and ease of use, the Fenix PD36R is our choice for the finest flashlight. It features a changeable, rechargeable 5000mAh battery and a sturdy construction constructed of anodized aluminum for enhanced durability. A single charge provides about 115 hours of use. In addition, a quick 10-minute charge via a type-C USB connection can provide up to 5 hours of operation in an emergency.

The LED lighting emits up to 1600 lumens and has a range of up to 309 yards, which is more than enough for everyday carry. It also comes with a two-way body clip for simple attachment to your bag, purse, backpack, or belt.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight Coast Polysteel 600R 530 Lumen

Image of Coast Polysteel 600R 530 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight with a blurred background of chopped wood.

This Flashlight makes a statement with its 530 lumens of illumination and high performance. It is drop-proof, crush-proof, and waterproof, and is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Thanks to a dual power system that can run on a Li-ion battery pack or four AA batteries, the flashlight has a 35-hour runtime. The battery pack even has a USB plug for charging other gadgets, which is useful when you’re away from home and need a rapid charge. There are two light modes available, each with a spot or wide-angle flood beam that may be accessed with a simple rotation of the head. 

Tactical Flashlight Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens

Image of Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens Tactical Flashlight with blurred warehouse background.

The Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumens Tactical Flashlight, with its blue rim and black metal body, is a stylish item that doesn’t skimp on quality. It is an upgraded version of Olight’s Warrior X, featuring improved performance and a quicker battery. Furthermore, this model is IPX8-rated and can withstand a three-meter drop test.LED lights have a robust 2100-lumen output and can illuminate up to 500 meters away in both high and low modes. The battery has an eight-hour runtime but can be recharged using the MCC3 fast-charging cable, which allows for continuous operation while charging. In addition, each purchase includes a one-year warranty.

Flashlight ThruNite Archer 2A V3


The ThruNite Archer 2A V3 comes with several unique extra features. There are five different modes to choose from: firefly, low, medium, high, and strobe. This provides many more possibilities than a standard flashlight, allowing you to select exactly the correct kind of lighting for your excursion without wasting power. Its CREE XP-L2 LEDs have a maximum output of 500 lumens and can illuminate up to 93 meters away.

This flashlight is impact-resistant for up to one meter and has an IPX8 waterproof rating with a dust-proof build to ensure long-term use. Furthermore, the body is strong, built of aerospace-grade aluminum with a military-grade polish that can withstand any impediment. The model accomplishes this feat admirably.

Archer Pro ThruNite EDC Flashlight


The ThruNite EDC Flashlight Archer Pro is an unusually strong flashlight for its size, with 1022 lumens capable of lighting up to 134 meters ahead. When the 37-hour battery begins to run low, simply use the USB-C charging connector and provided cable to swiftly and effortlessly recharge the included cell. This model has the same modes as the ThruNite Archer 2A V3, including firefly, low, high, turbo, and strobe light settings. The Archer Pro, on the other hand, has an IPX-8 waterproof rating, allowing it to work in up to two meters of water.

LED Flashlight ML50L;0,0.451xh&resize=480:*

Despite measuring 342 lumens in our integrating sphere, the ML50L performed equally well in actual testing as brighter lights. We discovered that our human silhouette was brilliantly lighted and easy to distinguish in beam drop-off tests at a measured distance of 50 meters and employing a focused spot pattern. We could still identify the silhouette at a distance of roughly 90 meters. The silhouette was visible at 50 meters with the reflector adjusted in a flood pattern, but it was not as vivid as with the spot focus. We noticed a faint zone in the center of the beam when the reflector was moved back in floodlight orientation. The ML50L has five functions, which are organized as follows: high, low, eco, strobe, and momentary.

USB X LED Flashlight Polytac;0,0.627xh&resize=480:*

When it came to straight-up lumens, Streamlight’s Polytac USB X was the clear winner. Starting at 554 lumens after 30 seconds, it decreased to 334 at 15 minutes and kept reasonably constant, finishing at 324 after 30 minutes—100 lumens more than any other light we tested. The fixed reflector projects a beam with a tight spot pattern that dips around 50% in brightness 5 degrees to the left and right of the center. At 50 meters, we could see the sharp shape of our human silhouette, which extended out to nearly 90 meters. The nylon polymer flashlight body was quite gripping, and it felt considerably less cold to hold.

LED Flashlight P5R;0,0.476xh&resize=480:*

The P5R from Ledlenser is another excellent illustration of why you shouldn’t judge a flashlight solely on its lumen output. We were able to measure 393 lumens against the claimed 420 lumens. We noticed that the P5R’s capacity to focus the beam from a spot pattern to a flood pattern worked well in practice. We were able to recognize a flat grey silhouette from 85 meters on a dark, moonless night by adjusting it to a narrow spot—as that’s good as or better than other lights with higher brightness output.

LC 40 LED Flashlight is more powerful.;0,0.686xh&resize=480:*

The Boulder LC 40 proved to be an unexpected value, with a long runtime and a stable 200-lumen output over time. Starting at somewhat more than 400 lumens when turned on, it decreased to 200 after approximately 3 minutes and didn’t deviate more than 10 lumens for the rest of our half-hour test. The beam pattern was smaller and more focused than the Polytac USB X above, allowing it to throw almost as far with fewer lumens. We could see the outline of our human silhouette at 50 meters, and it was still discernible at 90 meters. The five light functions—high, medium, low, quick strobe, and slow strobe—can be accessed with a series of clicks.

LED Flashlight PD36R;0,0.423xh&resize=480:*

The maximum lumen output of Fenix’s PD36R was 1,536, which was quite near to the claimed 1,600. In our actual tests, the PD36R performed admirably. When investigating beam drop-off, we reached the boundaries of our test area. The projected beam is primarily an effective, focused spot, surrounded by a dimmer area. At 110 meters, we could readily distinguish our flat grey silhouette, which extended far beyond the reflecting cones we had placed. We found testing runtime to be somewhat difficult. When set to its highest level, the light dims if left on for an extended period, as with many other LED flashlights. 

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