The Best Beard Trimmers Of 2022

The Best Beard Trimmers Of 2022

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

String | Battery life 100 minutes | Sharpening blades | Weight 16 ounces | 8 guard attachment | It is also available in a corded version

The seven makeup experts we spoke to said that Wahl’s Cordless Magic Clip could be the most powerful, sharp, and bearded beard cutter on the market. “It gets the job done whether your beard is long or short,” said Fellow Barber founder Sam Buffa, citing the fact that it comes with many (but not too many) bodyguards options to make the length appropriate. He also told us that the quality of the Wahl blade makes this processor “very expensive” compared to other models at similar prices, as Wahl’s blades remain sharp for longer, according to Buffa. Murdock London’s Wood Smith is another devotee of the Magic Clip, which he praises for its combination of light and energy (these qualities make the String Magic Clip one of the best haircuts, too, according to the barber). He likes to use it for himself at home and for his clients at work. “The best product you can have if you want to redecorate your haircut in the comfort of your home,” said a statement echoed by fashion designers Neil Cohen, Miguez, and Alejandro “AJ” Albano, a barber. eTuft NYC. Podcast broadcaster Ronnie Parisella told us he was using a Magic Clip on his beard. (The Wahl Magic Clip is also available in a corded version).

The best (least expensive) beard trimmer.

Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper / Trimmer (String)

$ 52

Code | Weight 4 ounces | 4 security attachments | Also available in a wireless version

When we asked Miguez how he kept the famous beard of one of his clients, style writer David Coggins, a teenager, told us that his most trusted tool was the Peanut Clipper with Wahl string. It’s cheaper than the Magic Clip, but that’s not why he likes it – Miguez says, in his view, wireless shortcuts have been skipped: “I find that shortcuts you can connect to the wall are more durable than wireless. when the battery is slowly deteriorating. ” Aside from having a rope, two other things that he loves about Peanut are the quality of any Wahl product and it comes with four “perfect length” attachments for shaving down from a strong winter fence to Astroturf in summer. Peanut is also a popular beard trimmer by former Strategist author Chris Black, who praised it for being “cheap, reliable, and well-suited to your Dopp designer kit. When choosing wireless tools, Peanut also comes with a wireless version that takes two AA batteries.

The best beard cutter with a vacuum

Philips Norelco 7500 Beard & Men’s Hair Electric Vacuum Trimmer

Beardtrimmer series 7500 Beard and stubble trimmer BT7515/49 | Norelco

String | Battery life 100 minutes | Weight not specified | 20 length settings and 4 security attachments

While the repair technicians we spoke to named Wahl highly as the maker of their favorite shortcuts, it was Philips Norelco who received the most compliments from ordinary bearded boys we talked to about their favorite tools. This split looks at hairdresser David Kim, who tells us that fashion designers “can generally hope that the best-selling Philips Norelco products work best and keep the beard clean, as long as they do not try to do something extravagant or extravagant.” This special Philips Norelco shortcut is even recommended by no less than five boys. Fashion designer Cohen is a fan, as did Adam Rinn and DJ-slash – digital strategist Mac Joseph, who told us that he loves away with a hollow feature that sucks most of your lips as you go, which means less. cleaning and as a result have little chance of arguing with your roommates or colleagues about the condition of your sink. “I’m black, so my hair is curly and everywhere,” said Joseph. “The vacuum is very important to me because I use the bathroom.”

Conrad Quilty-Harper, the editor of New Scientist, also uses this shortcut at home because “vacuum means less pollution.” Joseph, who told us that he bought one for his father, added that he liked the way its radial dial with clear, easy-to-read settings set the length of its blade. “I’m as blind as a bat, so if I don’t wear my glasses, I can stain my shaving settings,” she said. “The show in this case is really good and bold.” While Strategist contributor Kurt Soller explored beard cutters, this was his favorite in the crowd, and, for many of the same reasons above, which included its 0.5-mm radial dial. expansion and vacuum absorption feature “collects” up to 95 percent of hair, according to the company. “

The best beard trimmer for teens and beginners

Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer With Accurate Dialing

Everyone believes that this trimmer is the best for beginners because of its flexibility. You can use it in the shower, in the shaving gel, or the immediate aftermath. And its easy-to-use dial-in fixing different hair lengths is outstanding. “There aren’t a lot of attachments you can misplace or merge your bathroom drawers.” For a beginner, that means very little time to wander in the morning and go straight to the business – just by turning the dial.

If your skin is on the most sensitive side, it is recommended using a moisturizing moisturizer, provided by this one. The trick is not to irritate the delicate skin to soften your beard and lubricate your skin before applying the conditioner. After bathing and moisturizing, “you can keep your beard covered with a warm wet towel for about two minutes to keep your hair moisturized.

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