How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blades?

The growing popularity of beard and designer brands means that once, razors were used daily and heads changed frequently, there is now a much wider gap between shaving. So, when should you change your razor? After all, no one wants to shave with a dull smile.

How long will my razor last?

Modern razors are designed to last between 5-10 shaves. The question is after a long break are you still going to cut it?

In theory, yes, but like most things in life, it depends on what you like and how thick your beard is. Gillette, who makes living selling razor blades, says that you should change your hair every 5-7 shaves.

To some, that may sound reasonable, to others, it may be too soon or too late. Each time you shave, the soft edge of the blade becomes dull, reducing its ability to give you a closer shave.

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As the blades become dull they will begin to pull the hair, instead of cutting straight at them, which can result in painful shaving and irritated faces.

How Do I Make My Razor Longer?

A major part of the problem is the amount of debris left on the razor blade: hair, soap, dead skin. If you are tempted to wipe it with a towel, do not. Instead, rinse your head during and after shaving with hot water.

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There is also body hair to consider. If you are shaving your chest, arms, or pubes, you should do so with a different razor. Germs can spread quickly with a razor blade and if you cut yourself, it has the potential to become infected.

As a last resort, you can invest in a razor blade sharpening machine. The Razor Pit Printer uses high-impact silicon to refresh your blades and keeps them sharp six times in length.

The best sign of the time of the new blade is trembling. If your razor blade is pulling your hair, it feels hard on your skin or you see skin irritation than normal after shaving, it is time to replace it. How often you need to change your blades depends on how often you shave. Most women get their best shave when: When you shave:

When you shave … Consider changing

  • Daily Every 1 to 2 weeks
  • every alternate day every two to three weeks
  • Twice per week every 4–6 weeks

How can I extend the life of my razor?

The texture of your hair and the frequency of shaving affect the longevity of your razor, but proper care can help keep your blades fresh and sharp for a long time. Make sure the skin is well hydrated. Wet hair can be cut easily and with little friction when shaving has dry hair. More friction lowers the blade faster.

Keep shaving the remnants of the gel and cut the hair at drying between your razors and reduce their effectiveness by washing your razor after each blow. Similarly, clean your razor and let it dry thoroughly after you have finished shaving.

Using a quality razor is also important. Since everyone’s body, hair and skin are different, having your razor can help ensure that you get exactly what you need. Also, click here to see all available Venus shaving products, from shaving creams to bikini shorts.

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