How to Hard Reset Your Android TV In a Safe Way

Android TV In a Safe Way

Hard Rest is a software process that restores the default system settings of smartphones, cellphones, tablets, televisions, and other electronic gadgets. This process clears the storage device of all data, configurations, passcode, and programs. The most frequent use of a hard reset procedure is to fix a defective or dysfunctional device or to delete user data before selling it. Always make backups of your data before using Hard Reset, as the process is irrevocable, and recovering previous data and configurations would be impossible.

So, if you can reach your TV, you can simply factory reset it, and if the TV is faulty, you’ll need to do a hard reset. Using the Hard Reset is completely safe and will not harm your computer. After you’ve used this function, your device will have the same software and applications it had when it left the factory.

How to reset Android TV most safely

While Android TVs have a lot of excellent features, they also have a lot of issues, such as boot stuttering, crashes, and sluggish UI. Although some difficulties could be resolved with software debugging, others, such as force crashes and boot looping, necessitate a hard reset of your Android TV. So, if you’re having trouble using your Android TV, don’t panic. This article contains a step-by-step explanation of how to hard reset your Android TV.

  • To perform a hard reset on Android TV, go to the Settings tab and select “Device Preferences.”
  • Now go to the end corner of the page and tap “Reset.”
  • Just press the “OK” key on your controller and select “Reset.” Android TV would reboot and reset. That is all there is to it. Keep in mind that this procedure will wipe out everything of your internal memory, as well as all of your files, documents, programs, and everything else. To acquire and download applications, you would have to enter in with your Google account yet again.
  • If your Android TV isn’t booting up at all or starts showing certain lags like “data corrupted,” you’ll have to use the recovery mode to hard reset it. just disconnect the wire from the main switch or turn off the TV and switch off the electricity.
  • Next, push the remote’s “OK” and “Back” buttons, as well as the TV’s physical power button. After that, connect the TV to the electricity supply and turn it on. These directions will, without a doubt, require the assistance of a person.
  • Tap “Volume reducing” and “Switch off/on” buttons of the controller. There’s no need to turn on the television. Connect the power cord and turn on the switch after that. If it doesn’t work, turn on the power supply by pressing and holding the power button on the TV
  • The processes for all Android TVs are the same from here. Now click and hold the buttons for 30 seconds, or until the Android Recovery Mode or the TV logo appears. Release the buttons once you’ve reached that screen.
  • It’s quite straightforward from here once you’ve booted into recovery mode. Drag the remote’s up-down navigation bar to the “Wipe data/factory reset” option, then hit the “OK” button to open it. Attach a mouse to your TV if you would not have control or it isn’t working.
  • Now change the setting to “Yes” and press the “OK” button. You’ve completed your task. Your television will now begin the process of hard resetting itself.
  • Choose “Reboot System Now” when the process is finished. Eventually, your Android TV will reboot with a fresh operating system and no problems.

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