10 Best iPad best Accessories You may Like

10 Best iPad best Accessories You may Like

ONE of the best parts of having an iPad is that you never run out of resources. There are plenty of suitcases, cables, adapters, styles, keyboards, stands, and more to fit your slate. But what should you buy? I spent over a year filling up the corner of my little New York apartment with gearboxes to check out and find the best iPad accessories. Whether you already own an iPad or have just downloaded it after reading our best iPad guide, there is something here for you to do.

Easy Way to Draw or Write  Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is one of the most useful tools you can add to your iPad. The whole 2021 system supports it, from Mini to Pro. Great for drawing, with invisible delays as the Pencil moves with a glass display. Like a regular pencil, your lines get bigger as you press down more. The pencil is also ready to navigate the iPadOS, which has handwriting support in various search fields so you do not need to switch on the keyboard to type — and it is useful for signing or marking documents. The first-generation pencil has limitations. There is no better place to connect it to your iPad if you do not use it, you need to remove the cap and connect the stylus end to the iPad to charge it (it has a lightning connector), and it likes to roll over. without any location. Apple has fixed all of these issues with a second-generation model, which magically attaches itself to compatible iPads and wireless charging. Currently, the basic iPad is the only model that used the first type of Pencil.

Cheap stand case Spigen  Rugged Armor Pro

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

Spigen’s folio case is larger than Apple’s official case, but it protects the entire tablet with a wrap that wraps around the edges, a sturdy back cover made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane leather, and a magnetic strap to keep the folio closed. You can turn the display cover into a stand to elevate everything (there are two angle options). If you are in theater mode, you will not see any swaying or slipping when you tap the screen. There is a place to protect Apple Pencil, but don’t worry, the second type of paint will still be paired and charged. Unfortunately, when you close the display, it will not close automatically.

The Best Folio Case OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case

This OtterBox paper fixes everything I did not like about the Spigen case above. First, it is very attractive; the background is clear so you can see the design and color of the iPad of your choice. There is the same level of protection, and the display cover can fold into two identical angles (raised or slightly raised if you want to draw), but the screen coverage closes. The folio latch keeps everything tightly closed and holds any Apple Pencil. The latch makes a kind of rotation when it is not closed yet. You can buy it for a variety of older iPads.

On the latest models of the iPad Pro, Otterbox has slightly redesigned the case (calling it Symmetry Series 360 Elite) and reversed the design in two ways. It is now difficult to open the folio section as it fits snugly with the case frame, and the new Apple Pencil slide storage makes it difficult to extract text. Those mistakes are something you will face every day, so stick to the Spigen folio case above if you have the 2021 Pro.

Arm Mountain Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Twelve South HoverBar Duo

If possible, I put all my screens on the armrests. Wide monitor? Mounted. IPad? You bet. It clears the precious space that would be occupied by a strange stand, and you can adjust the angle and length of the screen. Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo brings this splendor. I put it next to my desk so I could see incoming notifications on the iPad instantly, and it’s easy to remove the slate if I want to browse before bed. The clamp is very small and does not require much permission, so you can attach it to shelves, kitchen counters, or bed frames. If you want to use the stand instead, Twelve South includes one and can lift the iPad screen. Supports 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a basic iPad without any problem.

Sketching Surface Sketchboard Pro

Sketchboard Pro

Drawing on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is an amazing experience. Its magazine-sized size makes it comfortable in your thighs when you draw on the couch, but I can’t say the same about drawing on small iPads. Without a good face, it can be difficult. That’s where Sketchboard Pro comes in. Extend your space, so that you can dodge freely anywhere — on the couch, on the couch, or even on the desk — because it has legs that you can stretch out to tilt the screen. You can even set it straight like an easel to unlock your Bob Ross! It has an integrated handle for easy drag, storage space for your stylus, and a place to connect to recharge your iPad while drawing. There is extensive support for a variety of new or old iPads, and you can even switch between if you upgrade to a different iPad. Evil? Heavy and heavy.

Leather Sleeve Harber London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve

Harber London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve

If the price does not stop you, this is the best way to keep your iPad in your pocket. There is a grain full of grain on one side and 100% wool on the other (and inside). Sounds fun. It has enough space to fit the iPad and case in it and is available in the base model, Air, and iPad Pro. There is a small leather loop you can carry with your Apple Pencil for extra safety, too. The sleeve has a hole on one side to access the USB-C charging port but is very different in its ability to double as a stand. It’s not a very flexible stand — you only get one angle — but it does work in my thighs, which is an impressive function of such a floppy thing.

Stable Stand Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand

If your iPad usually stays in one place in your home, such as in the living room or kitchen, then this is what you should use to support it. It carries the 12.9-inch iPad Pro almost all year round and the hinges have never been completely free. The rubber base prevents it from slipping, and there are two hinges to adjust the length and viewing angle of the tablet. It is light enough that you can pull it from one room to another, though the Twelve South Compass Pro (below) is best suited for a coffee shop or trip.

Keyboard and Trackpad Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch

Cursor support has transformed the iPad into a more efficient computer, but if you plan to work on these tablets, you should invest in a keyboard and trackpad. Combo Touch has both. And it is fragile, so you can leave part of the keyboard and have a case. It is impossible not to like. The whole pack is thin, with a lovely fabric that touches it well, and it looks comfortable. Backlight keys are useful when you are in a dark room, and the typing experience is great. Best of all, it connects via Apple’s Smart Connector, so you don’t need to communicate via Bluetooth or worry about charging it.

Gooseneck Arm Mount Lamicall Gooseneck iPad Holder

Lamicall Gooseneck iPad Holder

The problem with the Twelve South arm mount above is that it is not very repairable. This Lamicall gooseneck iPad handle solves that problem. The whole mountain uses a flexible stick that you can adjust according to your heart’s content. It is long enough to move it at various angles, and it does not loosen over time. The base is a clamp that you can attach to a desk or nightclub. If you do not want a clamp, I would like this low ($ 70) stand from Lamicall as well, which has an expandable length.

Bluetooth keyboard Logitech K380

Logitech K380

If you do not want to mess with the keyboard case, Bluetooth keyboards are the way to go. I enjoy using the K380 — not just because it comes in a fun pink color. It is a quiet but portable keyboard, and you can connect it to a total of three devices and switch between them instantly. Slim, lightweight, and portable. Also, powered by two AAA batteries, it took four months for me. And … did I mention it comes in pink?

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