Vivo X70 Pro Plus review

Vivo X70 Pro Plus review

Has it not arrived soon? Is it a new model, or is it a mid-cycle update? Is it in the same category, or is it at the same level? Can it justify inflation over the previous model? Lots of questions, which we will try to answer in this review of the Vivo X70 Pro +.

The announcement of the X70 Pro + came eight months after the X60, but since we only got the X60 Pro + in the office in April, it sounds like the next generation has arrived prematurely. And a glance at the quad rear camera specs does not mean improvement (one small reduction, even). So, while photography is a viable option in vivo – all those cameras and Zeiss logos scattered around the area, the upgrade has to be somewhere else.

Here is the sign, first. The approximate increase in diagonal to 6.78 inches is only part of it – the new LTPO AMOLED panel comes with a variable frequency (up to 120Hz) and high brightness and is now QHD.

One development that we almost thought we would never see – stereo speakers – finally reached the Vivo flagship. And there is another new development that is perhaps even more surprising, welcome as it may be – the X70 Pro + is now rated with IP68, the first vivo dusty and waterproof protection.

At this time of year, switching to SD888 + from SD888 makes sense, and doubling the base storage to 256GB (up to 512GB optional) is also a welcome idea. Battery collision has never been a bad thing, and the addition of wireless charging can also be appreciated.

In vivo X70 Pro + update

A few changes give us a moment, though. For one thing, a complete increase in size and weight – the X60 Pro + was a unique combination of high-definition camera and compact body, and the X70 Pro + throws pocketability through the window. Another thing is the price – the new model costs 15% more than the previous one, which was not cheap in the beginning.

We’ll take a closer look to find out if the trade is worth it, but here’s a quick look at the key features before we get to it.

As we have been waiting for in vivo high-end phones, the X70 Pro + comes with a more affordable package. A cardboard box in black and gray has a phone name on the front and in the middle, written in shiny words. The Zeiss blue logo is also a prominent expression. The Vivo logo is only visible on both sides and smaller.

In vivo X70 Pro + update

When you lift the lid open, you see only one-third of the rear – in the case of cameras. They stare at you cutting off the tray while the phone is lying face down.

Introduction aside, the phone comes with a lot of empty requirements. You get a 66W beef charger (over 55W phone charging capacity) and a cable to go with it – that’s good quality. But there are also headphones inside the USB-C connector – it’s rare to see earbuds attached.

And not only that – you get a quick back cover that protects the top, bottom, and corners but leaves the sides exposed so you can easily feel the curves of the display. The outside of the case is covered with vegan skin, too – that makes for a wonderful touch, which the phone itself has little to offer.

Design, build quality, management

We’ll start with our main point of pain about the X70 Pro + – it’s no longer the right size camera that was the X60 Pro +. The increase in screen diagonal capacity and battery capacity pushed the new model into the ‘normal’ flagship category and came out of the ‘integrated’ imaginary space we have.

vivo X70 Pro + reviewX70 Pro + (left) next to X60 Pro +

That is a random split, anyway, as the new model measures 6mm in length, is less than 2mm wide, and, in fact, thinner by 0.2mm. But the X60 Pro + was already a bit cramped, and most were the size of the cameras/size which made it look like they were easy on your pocket. Well, the X70 Pro + is a full-size offering, but the good news is that there is an X70 Pro that does not include when you notice the package availability in addition to the improvements that the package brings.

vivo X70 Pro + reviewX70 Pro + (right) next to X70 Pro

And there are a lot of those. For one thing, the X70 Pro + now comes with an IP68 rating that promises water resistance up to 30 minutes under 1.5m of water. That is the first Vivo, even high-quality, and as a feature, it is long overdue, if you ask us.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:- Some are less related to design and construction, but the design has changed anyway. The configuration of the quad-camera would not be wise, so in vivo, it has adopted and made it look even bigger by placing it inside a squarish-shaped box that covers most of the upper wire – this is the square you see when you look at it. open the sales box.

Next to the stated Pro + logo, you also get a vivo and a Zeiss badge in the middle of a black screen. Another Zeiss brand, appropriate blue, keeps the lens company inside the camera island, and there is a red T * to remind you of the clothes of a German visionary specialist in the lens material.

The third reference to the Zeiss is printed on a straight-lined satin line to the right of the camera collection, where it leads to the four-lens integrated composite lens features.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:-The light bit can work well as a mirror for the solid frame of the photos you have captured in the background. That is the opposite of the questionable choice of item and conclusion – a shiny place will happily pick up fingerprints and advertise it to anyone who bothers to look.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:-You can’t say the same about a good satin finish for the background – that’s antireflective and secure in the text, great. The least is that it gives you a little grip, and you’ll do much better with NDT-style training when you start taking your X70 Pro + or using a case – the combination works well and looks great too.

Note, we are talking about a dark type of phone with its glass in the back. These findings will not work for blue and orange with their vegan leather panels on the back – those that will probably be different grippier in the world. That’s the same conclusion you get without a fitted black case, by the way, and a throwback on the back panel of the X60 Pro +.

As a separate note to that side note, we are not entirely sure if the phone will be delivered outside of China other than the other two colors we have seen in the media – the Indian Vivo site only mentions Enigma Black.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:-The frame of the X70 Pro + is aluminum and is treated in the same way as the rear. There is an antenna line that separates it and the entire glossy plastic surface is printed on ‘Professional Photos’ – thankfully, you rarely see this single phone design building.

Oh, and here we are, let’s say another acceptable addition to the X70 Pro + feature set – IR emitter.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:-The X70 Pro + has standard mechanical controls – a power button and volume rocker. Two are placed on the slightly tilted part of the frame, to the right of the phone. The power button sits just above the center point, and the volume rocker is above it. Everything is well clicked.

Downstairs, you’ll find a USB-C port, dual nanoSIM card slot, a microphone, and the main speaker.

Right buttons – vivo X70 Pro + update Subtitles – vivo X70 Pro + update Two nano SIMs can go in, back – in vivo X70 Pro + update

Right buttons • Bottom items • Two nano SIMs can go in and back

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Shoots from a small space above the display and is directed forward, the speaker also acts as an ear (though you can look at it differently).

in vivo X70 Pro + update:- The tiny punch-hole of the selfie camera is by no means a beautiful O78-inch OLED look. The slender bezels and curved sides make for a very high profile look, and the under glass panel (unspecified, hmm) is pretty good too, but more on that on the next page.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:- The X70 Pro + includes a fingerprint sensor that can be displayed under various optical variants. It’s fast and accurate and all that, but it could have been put a little higher, especially on such a long fence. As it is, it is too low to like it.

in vivo X70 Pro + update:- The X70 Pro + weighs 164.5×75.2×8.9mm and weighs 213g in this black version based on glass. It is bigger and heavier than the OnePlus 9 Pro, but it doesn’t weigh as much as the Galaxy S21 Ultra or Mi 11 Ultra. It is still the perfect fence for the full size that has no passions as a combination. As long as you do not expect it to follow the X60 Pro +, however, and take it in the context of other high-end phones, you can call it the right size.

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