The 12 Best Driving Sunglasses in 2022

The 12 Best Driving Sunglasses in 2022


The Makani polarised sunglasses from Sunski are kind to the environment and your eyes. This is a result of the SuperLight recyclable frames and plastic-free packaging of the budget-friendly style, which further demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability. While there are four different color options for the polarised lenses, the Ocean style features a blue tint that’s ideal for driving.


Prada’s 0PS silhouette continues to be a smooth way for admirers of runway fashion to bring a comparable appearance to the road, which may surprise you to see it thus early on the list. The blacked-out shades include polarised lenses for better sight, and they are finished with a rubber frame that will be crucial in maintaining is comfortable.


Most of Raen’s collection is suitable for driving thanks to the use of high-quality Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, but this polarised model is the best there is. Its lightweight frame is made of a sturdy five-barrel hinge structure, and the CR-39 lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Additionally, the Aren silhouette looks nice in all of the various colors, making the style aspect obvious.


With anything from Ray-enduring Ban’s collection, you can never go wrong, and that maxim also applies to a pair of the company’s well-known Aviators. It comes in a variety of stylish hues that are guaranteed to help you look good, but this specific version has polarised blue lenses and a sleek gold frame.


In the field of polarised lenses, Revo is regarded as the pioneer, as evidenced by its collaborative efforts with NASA. It’s no surprise that its space-grade technology functions just as effectively on a highway. The retro-inspired Desert sunglasses were created in collaboration with Jeep and are made of high-end materials including beta titanium and artisan acetate. These two items pair perfectly with the brand’s distinctive Blue Water lens, which is great for blocking out the sun.


Few accessories are as appropriate for wearing while operating a vehicle as a pair of aviators, and this is the first pair you’ll see in our guide. OAKLEY CROSSHAIR METAL AVIATOR Whether hiking, exercising, or in this case, driving, Oakley is well renowned for its performance-ready sunglasses. These sleek frames incorporate Oakley’s recognizable Prizm polarised lenses, which are designed to reduce glare and have an 11% light transmission percentage. Additionally, for all-day comfort, its frame is finished with the brand’s iconic Unobtainium earsocks and is made of lightweight C-5 metal.

Original Pilot of AO

The sun’s rays are always going to be a problem for anything from American Optical, and then some. Similar to Ray-Ban, the legacy brand’s Original Pilot Sunglasses have been the industry standard since 1958. They feature impact-resistant polarised lenses and robust nose pads made by German plastic supplier Frey Winkler, who has been in business for many years. These will ensure that they remain in place while you are driving rather than flying.


Sunglasses are available from Vuarnet for a variety of activities, and its collection focused on automobiles meets all the criteria listed above. The Racing 1918 features adjustable temples and a distinctive, curved form that perfectly fits every facial shape. The athletic sunglasses include hydrophobic polarised lenses with an NPE filter to enhance the colors you see in the natural world. The sunglasses are ideal for gloomy overcast days because they have an 88% light absorption rating.


Contrary to what they may appear to be, they are not a pair of Wayfarers. Square-shaped shades from Persol with their own polarised crystal sun lenses that have been approved for use on movie sets are made from a high-quality combination of optical components to provide optimal clarity. The PO3272S model’s unique cotton and powder pigment frame are made to look like no other pair of acetate-framed Persol sunglasses.

LSA-103 for DITA

The LSA lenses from DITA include every component required to reduce glare while driving. The high-end eyewear boutique’s particular model is distinguished by its recognizable technology, giving it an excellent choice for driving. The polarised Sea Lens eliminates any reflected glare surrounding water, followed by the Land Lens, which prepares the way for unsaturated depth perception, and the Air Lens, which offers optimal contrast at any height. Overall, these sunglasses are quite functional and look beautiful in any color you select.


It only seems sensible to include a pair of sunglasses from Porsche Design on a list focused on the automobile industry. These aerodynamic sunglasses are made of a lightweight alloy of stainless steel and plastic. Aside from the way it looks and feels, Porsche Design’s patented VISION DRIVE Lens technology paves the way for enhanced UV protection, superior anti-glare protection, and dependable impact resistance thanks to a scratch-resistant coating.


Donkervoort, a German company wholly committed to automotive history like Porsche Design, is where we first discovered the stylish yet extremely functional Denis silhouette. The sunglasses are made with titanium temples that fit under racing helmets, lightweight carbon-fiber frames, and CR39 polarised lenses from Leica Eyecare, yes, that Leica. There’s no way you can go wrong with this incredibly distinctive pair when style, protection, and comfort are taken into account.

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