The 10 Best Batting Performances In IPL 2022

The 10 Best Batting Performances In IPL 2022-

Jos Buttler Rajasthan Royals

Jos Buttler IPL Career Profile & Stats | Rajasthan Royals

What else is there to say about the second-highest run scorer in IPL history that fully captures his talent and skill? His performance throughout the season speaks for itself. His season total was an astounding 863, and his biggest game total was 116 points against the Delhi Capitals at a scoring rate of 178.46. His four centuries, four half-centuries, and the consistent character and dignity he demonstrated on the field during the season have all contributed to the Rajasthan Royals’ triumph this season. It’s tough to surpass a performance like this with a season strike rate of 149.05, so Buttler easily claims the top slot on the list.

KL Rahul Lucknow Super Giants

KL Rahul: Biography, Career, Love Affair, Rankings, Statistics, Awards &  Achievements

KL is the new team’s captain of a new franchise. Rahul had a heavy burden at the start of this IPL season, but what strong shoulders they have turned out to be. After Buttler, Rahul was the only other batsman to get a century this year. The excellent leadership of his squad in both good and bad circumstances demonstrates what a mature and practical player he has become. The 616 runs he scored give him the right to call his IPL 2022 batting performance one among the best, but those totals only scrape the surface.

Quinton de Kock Lucknow Super Giants 

Quinton de Kock advances to fourth in ODI rankings

With the newly formed Lucknow Super Giants, the trusty keeper-batsman for the Mumbai Indians has found a new home where he can flourish. De Kock, along with his captain KL Rahul, put together a tremendous run of innings that helped his team win games throughout the season. The 508 runs he scored overall, at an average of 38.28, were the result of an outstanding stretch versus KKR during which he scored 140 unbroken runs. Although it is very disappointing that the LSG did not go to the finals as many had hoped, this does not diminish the tenacity with which players like de Kock have continued to score for the squad. His capable presence behind the wickets gave the team a great deal of comfort.

Hardik Pandya Gujarat Titans 

No Expectation as Such': Captain Hardik Pandya Wishes to Create 'Right  Environment' For Players at GT Camp

This young all-around player currently has a lot to be happy about. Along with leading his team to victory this season, he also had one of the best batting performances in IPL 2022 and bowled the best bowling stint of his IPL career in the finals. Against the eventual champions Rajasthan Royals, he scored an incredible 87*, sending the latter into a tizzy. The rookies defeated the seasoned players by 37 runs, and the captain was named the player of the match. His team’s advancement to the championship game and their realistic chance of winning were both made possible by his 487 runs overall throughout the competition. His performance in this game, along with the majority of others, warrants the accolades showered upon him.

Shubhman Gill Gujarat Titans 

India A vs West Indies A: Shubhman Gill becomes Player of the Tournament -  The Statesman

What a great experience for this little player! Fans were shocked and upset when KKR decided not to re-sign Shubhman Gill for the 15th IPL season. The young opener, though, didn’t disappoint his supporters and scored numerous wonderful runs for his new squad. His most amazing performance came when he scored 96 against the Punjab Kings and appeared to be unstoppable. His 483 runs this season came at an exceptional strike rate of 132.32, which amply demonstrated Gill’s desire to score huge runs for his club. Over the past few years, he has gained popularity among fans, and one look at his performance versus Punjab will convince you of this.

David Miller Gujarat Titans 

David Miller Profile - ICC Ranking, Age, Career Info & Stats - Cricbuzz

This squad made wise choices. Nobody should be surprised by the Gujarat Titans’ batsman’s continued stellar play on the field. Against the reigning champion Chennai Super Kings, the South African left-hander struck a stunning 94* runs. With Miller’s outstanding knock, GT comfortably overcame CSK’s brave attempt to leave a score high enough for the new trailblazing team to reach their total of 169. His 481 runs for the season aid in explaining how the Gujarat Titans went an extended period unbeaten. It is challenging to establish an objective that is high enough or pursue one that he and his team have set when you have players like him.

Faf du Plessis Royal Challengers Bangalore

Faf Du Plessis Reveals Reasons That Made Him Quit South Africa Captaincy |  Cricket News

Faf du Plessis, yet another captain who takes the initiative, demonstrated what true class with a bat looks like, even in the shortest, most taxing form of the game. He took over as captain from the franchise’s devoted fan favorite, Virat Kohli, with ease thanks to his composed manner and vast experience. His 468 runs helped the club advance to the second qualifier of the year. His personal best of 96 came in a crucial game for the guys in red and gold against Lucknow. Fans are reminded how far a player can advance by innings like this one. It’s also a blatant indication of what someone needs.

Shikhar Dhawan Punjab Kings 

IND vs WI: 'He Has Been Invaluable To Indian Cricket': Former Fielding  Coach Reserves Big Praise For Shikhar Dhawan

Since a few months ago, the Indian opening batsman has fluctuated in and out of form. He is more than deserving of being included on the list of the finest batting performances in IPL 2022, though, because of the return he made throughout the most recent few IPL games. In total, he scored 468 runs, with an individual high of 86* against the reigning champion Chennai Super Kings. It’s thrilling to witness such an important member of the Indian team regaining form and performing so well for his team. His 38.33 average improved the team’s performance and frequently helped them escape difficult circumstances.

Sanju Samson Rajasthan Royals

How Much Ever Time You Spend in the Middle, it Makes You Feel Good': Sanju  Samson

The runners-up team’s captain left his mark on the season with his quick-witted leadership and batting prowess. At the start of a new season, his squad received the push it needed thanks to his incredible 55 against Sunrisers Hyderabad. He has taken the lead throughout the season, and it has paid off for him as RR reached the finals following the maiden IPL season. His season total of 458 runs at a strike rate of 146.79 demonstrates the effort he put into his play to set a good example for the youthful team that looks up to him.

Deepak Hooda Lucknow Super Giants 

Why Don't You Go There Like A Warrior": Deepak Hooda On Mindset For Century  vs Ireland | Cricket News

Several batsmen in the freshly formed Lucknow squad can be referred to as “the reliable man with the bat.” That is also the reason why so many of them are included in this list of the top batting displays from the IPL 2022. Deepak Hooda very certainly finds a place for himself on this list with his 451 runs through the season. Along with Rahul and de Kock, Hooda’s bat effort was crucial to the Lucknow team’s win and worked wonders for the player. His outstanding 32.21 batting average is a testament to his talent and timing at the plate. His personal best score was 59, which he achieved against the powerful Rajasthan Royals. His output

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