How to Pair and Set Up a Smart Watch with an Android

How to Pair and Set Up a Smart Watch with an Android

This blog teaches you how to pair various types of smart watches to your tablet or Android phone. If you’re using a compatible watch, you do installed the WearOS app from Play Store and let it guided you through setup. Samsung Galaxy Watch owners can utilize the Galaxy Wearable app, also accessible from the Play Store, for both managing and pairing. If you’re applying a different watch manufacturer, you do usually discover its app accessible for free at the Play Store and utilize it to pair, but if that is not working, you do pair it in your Android’s set up.

Apply the Galaxy Wearable App

Charging your Samsung smart watch and power it on. The watch must be fully charged before you start the setup process.

Installing the Galaxy Wearable app to your tablet or phone. Google Play Store is the best to download it.

• To download the app, open the Play Store app in a app drawer, searching galaxy wearable, then tap INSTALL once you explore it.

Tap Start the Journey or Get began. One of these alternatives will appear at the screen bottom.

Select your watch model from list. If prompted to offer the app permission, tap Allow. The app will displaying a code, as will your Samsung Smart Watch.

Make certain the codes match and tap Connect or Pair. One of these two alternatives will appear in the app.

• If your Android is not a Samsung model, you’ll be prompted to install an additional app. Follow on-screen directions to fulfill the setup stuff.

Follow the on-screen command to complete the setup method. The remaining alternatives will vary depend on the watch model and the services you need to enable. Once you’re finished with the procedure, your smart watch will be ready to utilize with the Android.

Utilizing the WearOS App

Installing the WearOS app from the Play Store 

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How to Pair and Set Up a Smart Watch with an Android 7

. You’ll discover the Play Store app in the Android’s app drawer.

• Many smart watch manufacturers, including Michael Kors, Fossil, TicWatch, and Armani, utilize Google’s WearOS operating system. Checking your watch’s packaging and/or manual if you’re not certain whether it’s running WearOS.

Turn on your watch. After a few time, a message will appear on the screen.

Tap Tap to Start on the watch.

Selected a language and agreed to the terms. A link to the full terms will be appear on the screen. Continue with this method confirming that you agree to these terms.

Open the WearOS app on the Android. Now that it’s installed, you’ll find its multicolored “W” icon in the app drawer. If you’re still in Play Store, you do tap OPEN to launch it.

Select whether to send your usage info to Google. You could deny sharing your data if you desire. Once you make out selection, the app will scan for your watch.

Tapping the name of your watch on the Android when it appears. It might take a few moments for the watch to showing up. This will bring up a code on both the watch and the Android.

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How to Pair and Set Up a Smart Watch with an Android 8

Verifying that the codes match and tap Pair. You’ll done this action on the Android.

• The codes on both the Android and the watch must be identical. If they aren’t, restarting the watch and try again.

Follow up the on-screen instructions to complete the setup procedure. Once completed, your watch will be ready to utilize with your Android.

Pair Other Watches

Installing your app’s watch to your Android. Most smart watch manufacturers offer a free app that will walk you through the setup procedure. You will explore information about the app in your watch’s packaging, on the manufacturer’s website, or by search for the watch name to the Google Play Store.

Enabling Bluetooth to your Android. If there is no precise app for your watching model, you must be able to pair it via your Bluetooth settings. To enabling Bluetooth on your Android:

Turn on your smart watch and making it discoverable. Depend on the watch model, it might be discoverable as soon as you turn it on. Other models might need you to tap a Get Started option or something same to enter pair mode.

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How to Pair and Set Up a Smart Watch with an Android 9

Select your smart watch in the Bluetooth settings. If it doesn’t automatically displaying your watch’s name trying refreshing the list or tap Search for devices. A code will be appearing on the Android’s screen, as well as on a smart watch.

Verified that the codes matched and tap PAIR on the Android. You might also have to tap a checkmark or other alternative on the watch facing to confirm.

Launch your watch’s app. Now that the watch is paired, you can utilize the app offered by the watch manufacturer to set up its functions and features.

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